Darkest Valley is a fast-paced RPG adventure where you slay monsters, loot, and learn new skills on your adventure through a dark fantasy world. The game is an homage to the many great 2D action RPGs from the last twenty years. The original soundtrack, the visual style, and the story is a meld of our favorite elements from the classic and unforgettable titles in this genre. Relive those experiences in this modern indie creation.


Starting in March of 2020, the small team of three began work on the Darkest Valley prototype. The goal was to emulate a Diablo 2 style of gameplay, with the graphical charm of Legend of Mana. With two artists and one programmer, they began to craft the whimsical forest - the entry point into the game and the evolving home base. There, the unnamed main character is only ever addressed with a fond nickname by one affectionate acquaintance: Sweetie. The team is developing the game for an early access release in 2021, and is not letting 2020 get in their way!


  • Three difficulties for however you want to play: Casual, Challenging, and Impossible.
  • Each playthrough contains pseudo-randomly generated maps, ensuring that every game has some variation.
  • Hidden challenge bosses and side quests.
  • Comedic stories with a society of cute and sometimes third-wall breaking characters.
  • A mystery rooted in the main character's past, and the monstrosity that hunts him.
  • A catchy, powerful, and original soundtrack from Jake Butineau, the composer for Super Animal Royale.
  • A nostalgic visual style with hand painted environments and enemies.
  • 8 craftable item types: weapons, armor, helms, boots, gloves, amulets, rings, and belts.
  • An array of craftable status effecting potions and collectable materials.
  • Three very different skill classes: an agile melee fighter, a point and click ranged tank, or a strategic summoner.
  • Milestone based levelling, with difficulty varied so that the player feels sometimes challenged, and sometimes powerful.



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About Sudo Games

Sudo Games is a Canadian operated indie game company, operating with a very small and dedicated team. We are striving to create fun, deep, and engaging games that create memorable experiences.